Illustration for film, television, video game and printed media

I have been working as a senior illustrator, concept artist and digital matte painter for over 25 years. I’m skilled in both digital and traditional medium.


High end images for Film and Games



Visual development and Design


On demand style and look

Idea development

Fleshing out ideas on paper

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About me: my skills and experience

I have been a professional artist for over 25 years, I have a wide range of skills and can create images of styles from cartoon to photorealistic

Concept & Key art

I am skilled in creating concept art and designs for Film and Games.  I can also produce High resolution and high quality Key art images for promotional and printed purpose.

Digital matte painting

I have worked on multiple Films, Television and Game cinematics sequences in order to produce backgrounds and environments.  My range as a digital matte painter can go from a 3D look to fully photorealistic, camera projected pieces.


I have produced multiple images and illustration for books, brochures and private commissions.


I have taught live model and analytical drawing classes at univesity level; as well as concept drawing and digital matte painting classes.

2D softwares

Photoshop, Clip Studio Pro and Painter are my main 2D tools

Traditional Mediums

I am proficient in pencil, ink, markers and paint

Specific 3D & VFX

I use Maya, XSI and 3D coat for my 3D work.  I can do camera projection (2.5D) for matte painting in NUKE and Maya.  I have some compositing skills in Nuke and Adobe After Effects.

Administrative skills

I have been an Art director, matte painting superviser and a team lead on multiple projects and companies.

Companies I have worked for

Senior Artist

over 25 years of experience

Knowledge in 2D & 3D

Expert skills in 2D, generalist skills in 3D

Skilled administrator

with experience as an Art director, Department supervisor and Team lead

Broad range

From photorealistic to cartoon